The Maylin-developed lifting treatment is a painless, immediately effective treatment that breaks away from the misconception that "Lifting procedures are painful and take time to show results"

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What is New Normal Lifting?

  • A popular pain-free lifting treatment in Korea which was first created by the medical team at Maylin using well-known laser hair removal device.
  • Includes ALMA's patented three-wave laser to heat up the ligaments and stimulate the collagen to create immediate lifting result
  • Creates BTS effects:
    - Brightening
    - Tightening
    - Slimming

How Long Does It Last?

Following monthly treatment for three sessions, it can last between 6 months to 1 year

Recommended for

  • Who wants to improve dull skin and achieve brighten skin tone.
  • Who wants immediate and natural-looking lifting.
  • Who wants to improve their double chin, facial contour, etc.
  • Who wants minimal downtime.
  • Who is worried about pain during the procedure.


  • Step 1. Facial Analysis

  • Step 2. Pre-care

  • Step 3. New Normal Lifting

  • Step 4. Post-care

We utilise QuantifiCare 3D skin analysis to evaluate each patient's skin condition in detail such as skin texture, pores, wrinkles, and spots.

We determine the most appropriate and personalised treatment plan for each patient to achieve the optimal results.

Cleansing & Toning services to remove impurities and balance the skin's pH levels, allowing for better penetration of the treatment.

Our New Normal Lifting technique offers a holistic approach to facial contouring, pore reduction, and skin tone improvement, all in one session.

Additionally, the technique also incorporates laser treatments that further enhance skin brightening, tightening, and slimming, providing our patients with comprehensive and long-lasting results.

Post-care support through our state-of-the-art ultrasonic care device that helps soothe the skin and promote skin healing.

Skin Assessment Harley Street | Facial Analysis Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin
Pre-Care Harley Street | Skin Clinic Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin
Soprano Titanium Harley Street | Skin Lifting Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin

Why Our New Normal Lifting is Special?

Personalised Premium Treatment & Top-notch Aftercare

Our new normal lifting treatments are customised to achieve longer-lasting results, while our top-notch aftercare system ensures that patients receive personalised care every step of the way.

Minimal Pain & No Anaesthesia

Cream anaesthesia to topical numbing cream

Immediate Results & Return to Daily Life

The results of the procedure are immediately noticeable.

There is no swelling or bruising after the procedure, so you can resume your daily routine right away.

Sagging Face Lines Improvement & Smaller Face Effect

The procedure helps improve sagging and drooping face lines caused by gravity and ageing, and can also make uneven areas tight, resulting in a smaller face effect.

Aftercare Instructions

• This is a safe procedure without any special precautions.

• You can wash your face, apply makeup, and exercise immediately after the procedure.

• It's also possible to undergo the procedure even on important event days.

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