woman showing autumn skincare tips with Dr Jinah Yoo

Autumn Skincare Essentials: Embrace the Season's Beauty

πŸ‚ Autumn Skincare Essentials: Embrace the Season's Beauty πŸ‚

As the leaves change and the air turns crisper, it's time to transition your skincare routine for the autumn season! 🍁

🌟 Tip 1: Hydration is Key 🌟
Lower humidity can lead to dryness. Combat it with a hydrating moisturiser to keep your skin supple and radiant.

🌟 Tip 2: Gentle Cleansing🌟
Switch to a gentle, non-stripping cleanser to preserve your skin's natural oils. Cleanse without over-drying.

🌟 Tip 3: Exfoliate Regularly🌟
Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, encouraging a fresh, glowing complexion. Opt for gentle exfoliants to avoid irritation.

🌟 Tip 4: Sun Protection Continues 🌟
Even in autumn, UV rays are present. Don't forget to apply your broad-spectrum sunscreen for protection against premature ageing.

🌟 Tip 5: Consider a Humidifier 🌟
Maintain optimal indoor humidity levels with a humidifier to combat dry indoor air.

Share your autumn skincare tips and let's glow through this beautiful season together! πŸ‚πŸ’§βœ¨