We use an advanced FDA and CE-certified RF device to transmit RF energy through the fingers of the therapist, targeting various skin layers using three different wavelengths to achieve skin tightening and cellulite reduction

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What is WINBACK Tecartherapy?

  • FDA and CE-certified, Winback tecartherapy is a painless skin tightening & cellulite reduction treatment, which requires no topical anaesthetics.
  • This permeabilisation encourages intra and extracellular activity which accelerates the natural regeneration in the biological tissue.
  • With its special bracelets, the massage can target the delicate, thin and sensitive areas where other treatments can't reach directly.
  • The low level of energy ensures it is non-invasive and 100% natural for the human body.

Recommended for

  • Who seeks cellulite reduction on the body.
  • Who desire skin tightening and lifting.
  • Who looks to improve sagging skin.
  • Who wants to improve fine wrinkles.
  • Who seeks rejuvenated, glowing skin.

Recovery Period

  • Immediate return to daily activities.

Why Our Skin Tightening / Cellulite Reduction is Special?

FDA-approved & CE-certified Device

We utilise Winback Tecartherapy, a revolutionary technology that has been certified for safety and efficacy by approved equipment from the U.S. FDA and European CE.

Personalised 1:1 Consultations & Treatments

Our Marylebone clinic offers personalised 1:1 consultations and treatments tailored to address your specific concerns, designing a procedure that meets your unique needs.

Immediate Return to Daily Life

There is no swelling or bruising after the procedure, so you can resume your daily routine right away.

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