Salmon PN (Polynucleotide) is fragments of DNA extracted from salmon which has high resemblance to human DNA. As a result, if salmon PN is injected into human skin, it can stimulate skin healing and regeneration, improving hydration, sensitive skin and skin rejuvenation

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How Long Does It Take?

  • 30 - 40 mins

Recovery Period

  • Immediate return to daily activities

Treatment Benefits

Why Our Salmon PN Injection is Special?

Safe and Effective Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Our Salmon PN treatment has been clinically tested for safety and is suitable for individuals with even the most sensitive skin.

Comprehensive Solution for Various Skin Problems

Our treatment provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of skin concerns, including skin brightening, hydration, pore and scar improvement, and correction of skin tone.

Prolonged Tissue Regeneration through Dermal Restructuring

Our treatment restructures dermal tissues, allowing for prolonged tissue regeneration.

Use of Genuine and Appropriate Amounts of Ingredients

At our skin clinic we strictly adhere to the principle of using genuine and proper amounts of ingredients for our treatment.

Rapid and Excellent Skin Rejuvenation Results through Direct Stimulation of Skin Cell Synthesis

Our treatment directly stimulates skin cell synthesis, promoting rapid and excellent skin rejuvenation results.

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