Our Brightening/Vitamin Care provides the skin with sufficient vitamins to create a transparent and bright complexion

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Penetration of Vitamins using Ionzyme DF II Machine

  • The most powerful iontosonophoresis device on the market which offers unique combination of iontophoresis and sonophoresis to facilitate deeper penetration of actives into the skin compared to using topical cream/serum alone
  • Sonophoresis involves the use of sound waves to transport vitamins and other active through the skin by creating a channel between the skin cells
  • Iontophoresis uses an electrical current to push in actives and facilitates greater penetration of actives into the skin
  • Delivers vitamin A,C,E, beta-carotene up to 100 times more
  • Improves skin texture, tone, pigmentation and anti-ageing effect

Recommended for

  • Who wants relaxing medical-grade facial without downtime
  • Who wants to brighten skin tone and improve pigmentation
  • Combination with our signature dual toning to maximise the effect

Recovery Period

  • Immediate return to daily activities.

Why Our Brightening/Vitamin Care is Special?

FDA-approved Effective Device

We use the Ionzyme technology from Environ, which has been certified for safety and efficacy using equipment approved by the U.S. FDA, European CE, and Korean KFDA.

Personalised 1:1 Consultations & Treatments

We provide personalised 1:1 consultations and treatments to design a procedure that suits your facial balance.

Immediate Return to Daily Life

There is no swelling or bruising after the procedure, so you can resume your daily routine right away.

Aftercare Instructions

• Apply sunscreen after the treatment.

• Please avoid saunas or intense exercise for 2-3 days after the treatment.

• Do not use scrubs that can irritate the skin.

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