Hollywood Spectra

  • The world’s leading 1064/532nm laser which can reduce unwanted pigmentation and restore glowing skin.
  • With its unmatched short pulse widths and high peak power, it can deliver safe and effective treatments with minimal patient downtime and prevent PIH and recurrence during melasma treatment.
  • 1st short-pulse laser to earn FDA clearance for treating melasma.
  • The popular Hollywood Laser Peel can be performed using this device.

Clarity II

  • Dual wavelength platform combining long pulsed 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd:YAG laser.
  • Superior choice for hair removal, pigment, vascular, skin rejuvenation, verrucas and more.
  • Built-in intelligent cooling device and temperature monitoring to minimise the risk of skin burn and other complications, making this a safer laser choice for all skin colours.


  • BBL(BroadBand Light) is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device on the market.
  • BBL is a non-invasive procedure that targets the root causes of acne, offering a range of benefits for those struggling with breakouts.
  • BBL helps to reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne, leading to a clearer and calmer complexion.

Sylfirm X

  • Bipolar radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device which emits a high-tension RF pulse onto the target area causing destruction of old collagen and promoting the production of new healthy collagen.
  • Its unique penetration depth targeting the upper dermis can treat conditions with abnormal blood vessels such as melasma and rosacea.
  • Can be used as a single or combination treatments to improve acne, post-inflammatory hyerpigmentation, lifting & tightening, pigmentation, pores, acne scars, wrinkls, melasma, redness, stretch marks, rosacea, skin rejuvenation and promoting scalp circulation.


  • The PlaDuo utilises a patented Spin-Shot technology, which provides exceptional control to tailer the energy specific to your needs.
  • This simple treatment utilises the fourth fundamental state of matter, PLASMA, to help minimise and resolve unwanted fine lines, skin tone, and skin laxity and provides an overall enhancement to your dermal health.
Excel V+ Harley Street | Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin

Excel V+

  • Excel V+ combines two precise laser wavelengths (532nm, 1064nm) that allow personalised treatments that target and treat a variety of concerns.
  • The 532 nm wavelength has proven effective for a variety of superficial vascular lesions. It is especially effective in rosacea, diffuse redness, and telangiectasias.
  • The 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelength expands treatment capabilities to include deeper darker vascular lesions including leg and periorbital veins as well as venous lakes and venous malformations.


  • Non-surgical radiofrequency device that uses micro-insulated needles to precisely penetrate the skin at specific points, delivering RF energy to reduce unwanted fat and improve skin laxity.
  • Agnes utilises a single pin or three pin needle to deliver targeted energy into the skin.
  • Each of the micro-needles is partially insulated, which minimises unnecessary damage to surrounding tissue, reducing recovery time.

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