Our Face Contouring Programme involves careful assessment of the face shape to identify areas to add or reduce facial volume to create smooth face contour.

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Facial Slimming Harley Street | Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin

What is Oedema?

  • Oedema is a condition where excess fluid accumulates, causing swelling in tissues.
  • It can create a puffy, spongy texture and leave temporary indentations when pressed.

What is Facial Slimming?

  • The programme enhances the effects of all skin treatments as well as aftercare.
  • It includes swelling and circulation management for daily life.
Facial Slimming Harley Street | Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin

Recommended for

  • Who needs to improve internal/blood or lymphatic circulation.
  • Who has severe swelling in face and body.
  • Who wants to break down fat caused by cellulite.
  • Who has uneven skin texture due to cellulite.
  • Who is concerned about bruises and swelling after treatment.
  • Who wants quick recovery & pain reduction after treatment.

A specialised programme to activate the lymphatic system before treatment, as well as step-by-step management of swelling, elimination of toxins, pain relief, fat breakdown, and increased skin elasticity.


  • Radiofrequency Care

  • May-Cell

We utilise the latest Radiofrequency(RF) technology to safely and effectively contour patient's facial features while maintaining healthy, supple skin.

Our specialised treatment helps reduce unwanted facial fat and accentuate your natural contours for a more defined, youthful appearance.

We use microcurrent to penetrate the skin layers and promote cell activation, oxygen supply, waste elimination, and blood circulation. This results in a clear and defined jawline lift effect.

Additionally, microcurrent stimulates nerves and muscles, relieves pain, and aids in ampoule absorption. It also activates blood vessel cells, making it effective for conditions like rosacea and telangiectasia.

Facial Slimming Harley Street | Radiofrequency Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin
Facial Slimming Harley Street | May-Cell Marylebone | Dr Jinah Yoo X Maylin

Why Our Facial Slimming Programme is Special?

Providing the Optimal Solution

The Facial Slimming Programme provides the optimal solution obtained through years of our medical staff's treatment experience and research.

Customised Treatment based on Individual Diagnosis

Customised treatment is carried out based on individual diagnosis using the latest equipment.

Specialised Combination Programme

Differentiated from other clinics, it is composed of a specialised combination programme that can only be experienced at our clinic.

Minimal Side Effects

With our expertise in the procedure, we are able to minimise any potential side effects, ensuring that their patients have a comfortable and successful treatment experience.

Aftercare Instructions

• The programme is a safe procedure that focuses on reducing swelling and improving circulation, with no specific precautions needed.

• It can also be performed as part of aftercare for treatments/surgeries or skin laser treatments.

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