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What is Our Rashes Treatment?

  • We provide consultation and medical treatments for skin rashes/spots. Consultant dermatologists undergo intensive training to manage all skin conditions including severe acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergy, urticaria etc.
  • Dermatology is a specialty with over 1500 potential diagnosis and it is even more important to seek advice from consultant dermatologists if you have genuine skin disease.
  • We provide the whole range of investigations to support the diagnosis if required including skin biopsy, skin scraping, skin swab and blood test.

We offer consultation and treatment for any skin rashes. In more challenging or uncertain type of rashes, you may need further investigations and we provide a full range of investigations to help with the diagnosis and management.


  • Skin Biopsy

  • Skin Scraping

  • Skin Swab

  • Blood Test

  • Treatments

It involves numbing injection under the skin at the site of biopsy followed by taking a small skin sample:

  • Curettage or shave biopsy is performed using a blade/curette to shave off the raised skin lesion and then burn off the bleeding vessels at the base. Initial wound would be a black scab which falls after within 7-10 days.
  • Punch biopsy is performed by using a device which looks like a small apple core (usually 4mm diameter) and take a sample of the skin lesion/rash which can go down to deeper layer of skin (dermis) and fat tissue to give us a full picture of the pathogenesis.

If there is a suspicious fungal/yeast infection causing the skin rash, skin scraping is performed and sent to the lab to see what type of fungus/yeast is causing the rash which helps to target with the right type of antifungal medication.

If there is a suspicious bacterial infection causing the skin rash, skin swab is performed and sent to the lab to see what type of bacteria is causing the rash which helps to target with the right type of antibiotics.

We have an affiliated lab where blood sample taken from our clinic is analysed. Blood test is sometimes required to see any associated conditions which can cause the rash as well as to monitor bloods whilst on medication for the skin rash.

Once the diagnosis is made, the best treatment plan will tailored to meet each patient’s needs which may include prescription of topical/oral medication or combination treatment with procedures such as laser, peels, LED, injectables, oral supplements or skincare.

Why Our Rashes treatment is Special?

Optimal Solutions through years of Experience & Research

Our medical director, Dr Jinah Yoo has spent years researching and refining her treatments to offer optimal solutions for various skin rashes.

Step-by-step Analysis

We provide a comprehensive and systematic analysis of our patient's skin condition to ensure accurate and effective treatment.

Personalised Treatment

We strive for the best results by offering personalised treatments tailored to each patient's unique condition. Using a variety of advanced methods, we design a customised programme for optimal outcomes.

With our patient-centered approach, you can trust that you will receive the highest quality care for your individual needs.

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