Our Sensitive Skin Care minimises skin irritation & helps soothe and regenerate the skin from the inside out, strengthening the skin barrier and nurturing the skin to be moisturised and radiant

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Enhancing Skin Barrier and Nurturing Moisturised, Transparent Skin

Recommended for

  • Who has trouble-prone skin.
  • Who has sensitive skin.
  • Who is concerned with damaged skin, redness, and enlarged pores.
  • Who desires to restore their skin barrier.



  • Ultrasound Care

  • Hydrogen Therapy

  • Helps to manage the key aspect of skin care, the dermis.
  • Delivers energy to the dermis layer, stimulating collagen production.
  • Enhances the elasticity of the skin & activate the dermal cells.
  • Not only promotes healthy skin, But also helps to maintain it.
  • Applies hydrogen capsules directly to the skin, which can transform harmful free radicals, the culprits of skin aging and diseases, into water molecules.
  • Hydrates & enhances the clarity of the skin.

Why Our Sensitive Skin Care is Special?

Direct Treatment by Specialised Experts

Our experienced and skilled specialists provide a one-on-one consultation and design session prior to performing the treatment.

Personalised 1:1 Consultations & Treatments

We provide personalised 1:1 consultations and treatments to design a procedure that suits your facial balance.

Convenient & Efficient Treatment

Our treatment is quick, convenient, and highly effective, allowing you to achieve the desired results with ease.

Aftercare Instructions

• This is a safe procedure without any special precautions.

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