Acne scars or enlarged pores contribute to uneven skin texture. With the careful assessment of types of pores/scars combined with wide range of devices available in our clinic, we can create smooth, glowing skin.

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What is Our Acne Scarring/Enlarged Pores Programme?

  • Combination of medical and laser treatments allows us to treat all types of scar/enlarged pores.
  • Reduce downtime as all of our treatments are combined by post-care programme.

Devices used

Subcision, punch excision or injection of filler/collagen-stimulating skinbooster can be added to device treatment to target different types of scars.

Our devices

Recommended for

  • Who wants to improve enlarged pores/acne scars to have smooth skin texture.

Why Our Acne Scarring/Enlarged Pores Programme is Special?

Significant Improvement with Combination Treatment

Careful assessment of type of acne scars/pores by our dermatologist can guide suitable combination treatment to maximise the result.

Wide Range of Devices

We have a wide range of devices from gentle laser/radiofrequency microneedling up to the most aggressive but effective resurfacing laser.

Reduced Downtime

Our post-care steps carried out by professional therapist can reduce the downtime.

Aftercare Instructions

• Please avoid washing your face immediately after the procedure if possible.

• Avoid using any scrub products during face washing or showering.

• When going outside, be sure to apply sunscreen with SPF30+++ or higher.

• Avoid going to saunas and doing exercises that cause excessive sweating for 3-5 days after the procedure.

• Please refrain from consuming alcohol for 3-5 days after the procedure.

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