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How to treat melasma in clinic according to the experts

"Hyperpigmentation is a generalised term for increased pigmentation, which generally forms towards the skin’s surface, such as dark spots, patches and marks, resulting from excess melanin production," recaps Dr Yoo. "Hyperpigmentation can appear all over the face and body, and it affects all skin tones. It's predominantly caused by factors such as sun damage, inflammation, and acne, and it doesn't discriminate; affecting men and women equally.”

Specifically, "melasma is a complex form of hyperpigmentation, which is triggered by external factors, such as UV, blue light, and heat, and by internal factors such as hormones,” continues Dr Yoo. “Pregnancy or contraceptive medications increase in oestrogen in the body, which can cause melanin production to skyrocket, leading to dark patches.”


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