Non-irritating hair removal procedure that selectively destroys hair follicle using laser energy absorbed by black melanin pigments

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Achieve smooth and healthy-looking skin with our safe and effective laser hair removal treatment

Devices used

What is Different?

  • Using premium laser hair removal devices with excellent cooling system to create long-lasting results with minimal complication
  • Minimal pain
  • Faster results

Why Our Hair Removal is Special?

Long-lasting Results without Skin Damage

You can experience the benefits of long-lasting hair removal without the risk of skin layer damage or pigmentation issues.

Minimal Pain & Skin Damage

Undergo treatment with minimal pain and discomfort, ensuring that your skin is protected throughout the process.

Minimised Skin Irritation & Allergic Reactions

You can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal without the discomfort and potential risks associated with skin reactions.

Wide Range of IPL Devices

At our clinic we only use the premium laser hair removal devices which are proven to deliver faster and effective results while being a suitable treatment for all skin type.

Before Treatment

• Avoid sunbathing before the treatment, as it can cause skin darkening and reduce the effectiveness of the laser therapy.

• Do not pluck hairs before the treatment as it eliminates the medium for the laser energy to be absorbed.

• If you have any skin inflammation or disease, it should be treated before the treatment.

• Areas around the nipple and anus may require multiple sessions due to their darker skin tone.

After Treatment

• It is normal for the skin around the hair follicles to become swollen and red for 1-2 days after the treatment.

• You can shower and apply makeup on the same day, but avoid activities like sauna, hot baths, and swimming to prevent folliculitis.

• Apply a skin protectant twice a day for 7 days to prevent folliculitis and aid skin regeneration.

• If you have a larger area treated, it is recommended to use a moisturiser to prevent dryness.

• Avoid excessive UV exposure like sun tanning for the next treatment.

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